How To Bring Back Lost Love Spell

Bring back my lost love spell

Even if someone thinks he’s a loner, he’s not lonely. Even if he doesn’t talk to anyone and stays home for weeks in a row, it doesn’t mean he’s not impacted by other people’s energy, especially the energy of his parents to whom he’s connected through a family egregor. It’s the mother’s energy that has a particularly strong impact on a man, and the father’s energy that has a particularly strong impact on a woman. These impacts don’t get smaller over time, when adult children estrange from their parents.

Knowing this invariable occult and energy law, today you’ll learn how to cast a special spell to restore a relationship. I, spellcaster Maxim SPELLSHELP.Com, will teach you how to cast a bring back my lost love spell on one of the parents of the person you love. But before we begin, let me list some of the basic rules which must not be violated in order to avoid one likely negative side-effect – you’ll cut yourself off from your loved one and it will take an experienced and skilled spellcaster like me months to perform dozens of rituals to help you get him back.

Love spell to get your backHopefully, you won’t take that risk and contact me right away. First of all, it’ll save you a lot of time. Secondly, you won’t make any mistakes and won’t have to spend extra money to pay me for fixing your mistakes. Thirdly, it’s not enough to read just one article to cast strong love spells to get someone you love back. You should spend years studying and practicing hundreds of rituals to be able to cast strong and effective spells.

Below are the rules for casting love spells on one of the parents of the person you love:

  • Your beloved should have a friendly relationship with the parent; if they’re enemies, you must not use this love spell;
  • The target should talk to the parent on a regular basis, at least once a week;
  • Your beloved should be the parent’s biological child;
  • The parent should be under 62 years old;
  • The parent should still be married (never divorced); make sure the parent hasn’t been betrayed or cheated on which could affect the parent’s general positive attitude;
  • The parent should be a good spouse and not a cheater either;
  • Never put spells on people who have cancer or any other serious illnesses or psychiatric disorders;
  • Don’t use this spell if the target has more than two siblings because that would mean that none of the children gets enough of the parents’ energy;
  • This spell won’t help if the parent doesn’t like you and has always been against your relationship;
  • Don’t use this spell if the parent has recently remarried or is in love and experiencing strong romantic feelings;
  • Cast this spell only if you know for sure you can come to the parents’ house whenever you need and spend as much time in there as you need;
  • Avoid this spell if you don’t have strong romantic feelings for the target.

How to bring back lost love spells

As for how to bring back lost love spells, when you’ve chosen the parent you want to put your love spell on – your ex’s mother or father – find a picture in your family album of the three of you. No other people may appear in the picture. Your ex has to be in this picture.  To make it clear for you, this picture should show:

- You;

- The person you want to get back together with;

- Your loved one’s father if your spell to bring love back is intended for a girl, and mother if it’s intended for a guy.

If you don’t have a picture like this, I, spellcaster Maxim, suggest that you make a photo collage. Take a picture of a beautiful landscape which makes you feel calm and use it as a background. Find separate pictures of yourself, the parent and your beloved. Put the parent’s cut-out in the center, your loved one’s cut-out to the right of the parent, and your cut-out to the left. Scan this photo or take a photo of this photo and print out three copies. Remember that to perform this ritual you need three photos of all three of you.

Now you need a round wooden table which has no nails or other metal fittings. Remove the lacquer finish using flint paper. Take your clothes off and apply olive oil all over your body. In an hour collect the oil with a wooden spatula and rub it in the table. The oil should cover 100% of the table surface. Now the table is your altar which can help you transfer your energy over to anyone you want or love.

Now you need a 2-week break to rest and accumulate energy. Find the guidelines for energy accumulation to activate your chakras and turn the energy of your desire into other people’s thoughts and actions in my previous articles about energy accumulation.

Now let’s cast the love spell to get him back.

To begin with, cancel all your plans, call in sick if needed, and get up at 11 a.m. Stay in bed until 11 a.m. even if you wake up earlier. You’re not allowed to get out of bed even if you need to use a bathroom. Get up when the clock shows 11 a.m.

Do your usual morning routine and get dressed. Turn your phone off not to be distracted during the ritual. Close all the shades and curtains in your place. If you don’t have any on some of the windows, cover them with blankets. You need it to be completely dark in your house. You’re not allowed to eat and can only drink pure spring water. If you take any medications with or after food, then this ritual to get your ex back through a parent isn’t for you.

Love spell to get your ex back

Bring back lost love spellPut two blue candles and one green candle for each man involved and two white candles and one red candle for each woman involved. Below are the combinations you may get:

If you’re a straight woman: 4 white and 2 red candles for you and your guy’s mother,  and 2 blue and 1 green candle for the man you love.

If you’re a straight man: 4 blue and 2 green candles for you and the woman’s father,  and 2 white and 1 red candle for the woman you love.

If you’re a gay man: 4 blue and 2 green candles, 2 white and 1 red candle.

If you’re a gay woman: 4 white and 2 red candles, 2 blue и 1 green candle.

Sit down at the table and put the clock in front of yourself. Put a bottle of water or other sugar-free liquid to stay hydrated during the ritual. You’re not allowed to get up, so be patient. You should sit down at the table at 12 p.m. and get up after 7 p.m. after you finish casting your love spell to get your ex back.

While at the table, meditate, dream and plan your future as perceived by the parent. Imagine watching your future through the eyes of the parent or as if the parent is being described your future to over the phone. Seven hours is a long time but if you can handle it, your patience will be generously rewarded.

At 7 p.m. put all three photos in the middle of the table. Put the candles around the photos accordingly. Light the candles. Take the bottom photo, say the below spell, and put the photo on top. Repeat the spell 7 times for each photo, which is 21 repetitions in total.

“There is two of us but there is also three of us. Here is the person who brought you into this world. This person has always wished you well, always taken care of you. This person is taking care of your happiness now, too. Knowing how much I love you, this person will accept my love and strengthen it with his fatherly (or her motherly) love. This person will strengthen it and pass it over to you. This is when you’ll come back to me.

The spell is cast by me – say your name.

The spell is intended for – say the name of your beloved.

The spell will be put on and passed over by – say the name of the parent."

Let the candles burn, get dressed and leave the house. Now go to the house the person whose heart you want to win back. Put one photo into the mail box. When your beloved touches the photo, the magic will transfer into his or her subtle bodies and your get your lover back spell will start working. Then visit the parents’ house and hide the photo in there without the parents knowing. For example, attach it to the wall behind the future using a piece of double-sided sticky tape or put it in a book which you believe no one will read.

That’s it! You’ve done what’s needed to be done to get your ex back. If the result disappoints you for some reason and you decide you’re better off alone, just visit the parents again, take the picture out, tear it into pieces as soon as you leave the house, and throw the pieces under your feet. Now you’re free to walk towards your freedom which is already coming your way because the spell will stop working shortly.

If you want to get your beloved man or woman back right now, I, spellcaster Maxim, can help you with it. Contact me and I’ll take care of everything to help you reunite with the one you love without wasting any time.