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Welcome to Customize Nation, we specialize in creating personalised gifts & souvenirs for every occasion!

Whether its a birthday, valentines, wedding anniversary, graduation or any other special day, we are here to help you find the right gift. With over 10 years experience we are the leading personalised gifts shop in Malta.

Browse our extensive range includes photo frames, pillows, puzzles, mugs, clocks, crystals, key chains, and more. 

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    “Qalb ta’ Gesu'” Slate

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    “Qalb ta’ Gesu'” Slate

    This attractive oval shaped slate is a thoughtful and elegant way to cherish someone’s favourite picture.

    Perfect gift for couples, parents or grandparents.

    Send us your digital photo  and we will imprint it just for you!  This slate rock measures 11”W X 14”H and comes with black solid plastic feet to function as a stand and hang on wall mount.

    This slate rock will be customized to any image you desire, whether it’s a wedding celebration, anniversary, or any other special day in between.

    Good quality color, black and white, or sepia photos will give better results.

    (Price includes Vat)